Pastor’s Thoughts: Ministry to Special Needs Families

A mother relayed the story of sitting in the hallway of the church one Sunday morning. She was holding her child in her lap as he curled into the tightest five-year-old ball he could make. His mother pleaded with him to return to class and try again. Something that morning set him off, and no one was sure why. This happened week after week. The mother questioned: “What if I never get to return to adult class again? What if he grows up and hates church? What if his friends and teachers begin to dread him coming to class?”

Families with special needs members often feel isolated and alone, unable to find an accomodating local church. Many families who have a child or loved one with special needs would welcome a local church to come alongside them and minister to them with unconditional love.

Sunday, July 14th, at 4:00pm, Castlewood Baptits Church will be hosting a Special Needs Family Ministry Symposium. The Symposium will discuss “Why Are We Here?”, “What Do We Hope to Accomplish?”, and “The Churches Role in Ministry to Special Needs Families”, as well as offer care givers testimonies. The need for local churches to embrace families with special needs is not going away, and we cannot ignore it or pass it off to another church.

John 13:34-35 relates to us that our ability to love others is based upon the degree to which we have received God’s Love. When we love one another out of the overflow of God’s love, our witness and service will bless others.

If your family, or one you know, has a special needs member, I would like to personally invite you a to this Symposium.

In His service,

David Nowell
Pastor, Castlewood Baptist Church

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