2019 9/27 – 9/28: Special Needs Family Workshop for Caregivers

Special Needs Family Workshop for Caregivers Sept 27 and Sept 28

Castlewood Baptist Church is hosting a Special Needs Family Workshop for Caregivers. We are encouraging caregivers and families with special needs to attend this free workshop. Come share the story of your journey.

(No child care provided. Refreshments provided at both sessions.)

* Friday, 9/27 @ 6:00pm: Fellowship & Encouragement for Caregivers
* Saturday, 9/28, 10:00am – 2:00pm: Dr. Val Lyons, Founder of Finishing Strong Consulting Firm

Finishing Strong is a firm dedicated to improving academic success. Among the topics to be discussed:

* What are the challenges you are facing as a caregiver?
* How can we help you in your journey as a care giver?
* For future workshops, tell us what you would like to learn.

For info:
* Call/text: 314-258-5446
* Email Pastor, David Nowell: dwn52@yahoo.com

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