Pastor’s Thoughts: Questions About God’s Existence (November Sermon Series)

November 3 “How Do We Know God Exists?” (Psalm 19:1-6)

How do we know that God exists? The Bible teaches that we must accept by faith the fact that God exists. We also learn that without faith it is impossible to please God. Deep within us there is a sense that there is something beyond this life and there is someone beyond this world. Throughout history, in all cultures, in all civilizations, and on all continents, people have believed in some kind of god. What God wants us to do is to seek to get to know Him and discover the plan that He has for everyone He has created. God is with us right now and desires to help us in our journey through life.

November 10 “What Is God Like?” (Job 11:7-8)

Our knowledge is limited. While we may think we know a great deal of what is going on in life, we don’t. A.W. Tozer states that we cannot know what God is like with respect to Himself. We are not able to describe the depths of God, nor the limits of our Almighty God, or how high the Heavens are.

So, what is God, no one can truly say. God is self-existent, and is the source of everything that exists. He desires that we seek Him and discover His love for us.

November 17 “Knowing the Mind of God” (Romans 11:33-36)

The riches and wisdom, along with the knowledge of God, are unfathomably deep. No matter how far down one goes into the wealth and wisdom of God, we can never get beneath God. There is nothing beneath God, and there is nothing above God. When we realize just how helpless and limited we are, we need to be reminded of just how much He loves each one of us and truly wants to help us. Our lives should be lived out to the glory of God.

November 24 “Reasons to Be Thankful” (Psalm 100)

When we are truly thankful to God, there are three thoughts to keep in mind.

First there is humility. You cannot serve someone unless you have a humble heart.

Second, Fidelity implies an attitude of faithfulness.

Third, activity – we cannot serve anyone if we do not do anything. Many people are concerned with what we are, as it will determine what we do. God is our Creator; we did not create ourselves. We will want to give to others as God has given to us.

I invite you to join us every Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m. to learn more about God and the plan He has for us. Invite a friend to come with you as we explore God and His Word together.

In His service,

David Nowell
Pastor, Castlewood Baptist Church

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