Our History

Castlewood Baptist Church has been sharing the word and work of God in Castlewood, Missouri since 1967. Castlewood SBC is located just west of Castlewood State Park at Kiefer Creek Rd. and New Ballwin Rd. We are surrounded by wooded hillsides and occasionally have deer grazing in our front yard.

Castlewood SBC was organized on March 31, 1967 from Castlewood Baptist Mission that was established by Rock Hill Baptist Church in 1954. It was first located on Valley Drive in the Castlewood community. The Church remained at this location until 1956, at which time land was purchased and a sanctuary and educational unit was built. Rev. William Hoffman was the first pastor.

Castlewood SBC became a member of the St. Louis Metro Baptist Association in 1967, and a member of the Missouri Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.